8 years old - Long coat - Male

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Paddington is an 8 year old Pomeranian. We were asked to take him in because he is best suited to live in a home without small children. He's not comfortable around small kids. In reality, he's a tiny dog who has been spoiled rotten and he needs rules and boundaries. He needs a home that doesn't allow him to run amuk. He needs to be crated when guests come over if he's not behaving. He is very attached to his foster mom. She has set the rules and it makes him feel more confident and he doesn't have to run the show!

Paddington is best suited with a quieter home. He could live in an apartment or condo setting. He definitely needs a more experienced type of home. Paddington wants a home where he can be on someone's lap and be loved. He knows how to use a doggy door. He likes his crate.

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Foster Notes:

He loves to be by someone's side. He doesn't play with his toys much because all he wants is for someone to give him scratches and massages all day. He's very responsive to commands and knows when he does something wrong. He is crate-trained and potty-trained. He barks a lot, especially when in the car and people pass by, when someone comes into the house, or when he forgets that there are other people in the house and he hears their voice. He thinks he's a tough guard dog!

Overall, Paddington wants a pretty quiet home with someone willing to snuggle with him and give him belly rubs. He's okay with being in the crate during the day, but he can also have the house to himself for a long period of time; he will most likely just snooze on the couch or his dog bed.

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