Plum Jam

Brussels Griffon
3 years old - Female

Good with dogs
Good with kids

Plum Jam is a 3 year old Brussels Griffon mix. She weighs 12lbs. She has a less shedding coat. She may not be a dog who is an option for those who have allergies but maybe for those who just want less shedding in general. She was a rescue from the shelter. She is your BFF instantly. She will crawl up into your lap and declare her love. She is so sweet and she craves attention. It's hard to believe that at the shelter they said she was not adoptable. We're still waiting to see why....We know know that sometimes when dogs first come in they are so scared but this girl is nothing but love. We're so grateful we happened to see her hidden away and asked about her. Otherwise we know what her fate would have been...

Plum Jam gets along well with other dogs. She gets along with big dogs, little dogs and everything in between. She plays a little bit but if there are people anywhere in the vicinity then she wants to be with them. But she is definitely a dog who could live with other dogs or go to work with Mom or Dad where there may be other dogs. She is also a dog who could live by herself if her people wanted to shower her with all their love and affection.

Plum Jam is an option for those who have experience with dogs but may not necessarily have recent experience. If there are children in the home they need to be over the age of 6.

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