German Shepherd Dog
5 years old - Medium coat - Female


Clover is a 5 year old GSD mix who was rescued from the shelter. Her foster mom has a myriad of nicknames she calls her from Honey to Sweet Girl.

Notes from the Foster Mom:

"I am a girl of many talents many of which make my people laugh. I love to roll on the ground and make silly noises which then prompts my family to call me "Kangaroo" or "Chewbacca." They also laugh at me when I sleep, apparently I snore. My family loves me and I love them and they are really sad that I need to find a new place to live, especially mom, her face keeps leaking.

My first few years are a mystery that only I know, but my family thinks that people may not have been very nice to me. I am skeptical of new people and brooms scare me. I was found wandering the streets in September and taken to a shelter. The shelter listed me as a 5 year old Shepherd mix, weighing about 60 pounds.

I lived in the shelter until my mom found me online and her family brought me home in January. I made myself comfortable in their house while taking a little time to warm up to them.

I love to eat! Food is my most favorite thing ever. I also like nyla bones and naps. I enjoy hanging out with my people and giving them lots of kisses. They say I am a good girl with great potential but they aren’t the right people to help me be my best. I need people who set strict boundaries and consistently enforce them."

Clover is only an option for a home that doesn't have other dogs. Though she lived with other dogs previously she tended to be jealous of attention given to the other dogs. She's best suited for an adult only home. Kids make her a bit nervous with their running around and such.

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