Maltese x Poodle (Toy)
4-5 years old - Long coat - Male

Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids

Noodle is a 4-5 year old Malti-Poo who has a nonshedding coat that is an option for those who have allergies or simply want a dog who doesn't shed. Noodle will require regular grooming. We will be looking for a home that understands the grooming needs of this breed and demonstrates such on the application. Noodle was a rescue from the shelter. He was listed a stray so we don't know what his life was like before he came into our rescue. But we promised him an amazing life from here out.

Noodle gets along with other dogs. He has the goofiest, craziest, happiest personality of anyone. He has never met a stranger. Everyone he meets, whether 2 legged or 4 legged is a friend. He is the first to meet and greet when someone comes into the home or when he's out and about. He currently lives with big and small dogs and he loves them all. He's not intimidated by anyone. Noodle gets along with the dog savvy cat in the home.

Noodle is an option for a home that doesn't have recent experience but has prepared by researching and demonstrates such on the application. Noodle is an option for a home that has kids over the age of 6.

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