Siberian Husky
2 years old - Long coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with kids

Akira is a 2 year old purebred Husky who was rescued from the shelter. She is full mischief and always has a twinkle in her eye. She is an absolute love. She's not a typical standoffish and aloof kind of gal. She's all about her people and being a velcro dog. Don't be surprised when our girl follows you from room to room and that includes into the bathroom...She has no sense of personal space. She figures where ever you are, she needs to be too and she knows you love her too.

Akira came in with another dog. She gets along great with other large size dogs. She is always ready to get her play on. This is not a girl whose exercise needs can be met with a walk or two a day. She needs that high energy activity whether it's playing with another dog, or going on hikes, biking or being a running partner for her parent.

Akira went to work with her foster mom and loved everyone she met. She is very personable. She is always ready to meet and greet.

Akira is only an option for a home that has had a dog in the last 3 years. (This does not include parents/family/roommate's dog or pet sitting) If there are kids in the home they need to be over the age of 8.

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