Poodle (Toy)
11 months old - Long coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with kids

Celine is an 11 month old Apricot Poodle who weighs 10lbs. She has a nonshedding coat that is an option for those who have allergies or simply want a dog who doesn't shed. We will be looking for a home that understands the grooming needs of this breed and can demonstrate on their application their commitment to making sure her coat will be cared for. Celine came into the shelter as a stray. We don't know her story before then but we know she has a bright future.

Celine is very sweet and kind. She is reserved initially with folks she doesn't know. At first we just let her be and then we slowly approached her and within minutes of going slow and talking quietly to her, she climbed into our laps. She is intimidated by new people. She is going to be a dog who needs a home that will help build her confidence. The greatest way to do that is be a confident owner and to know dogs. She will feel comfortable with a confident person who knows and loves dogs.

Celine gets along with other dogs. She could live by herself or she could live with another dog. She currently lives with several small dogs. She gets along with everyone. She could be an apartment or condo dog. She could be a dog who goes to work with mom or dad if they have a dog friendly office. She is most likely to just hang out in an office or a crate or just out of the way.

Celine is only an option for a home that has a dog of their own in the last 3 years (This does not include family pets/roommates pets/pet sitting). If there are kids they need to be over the age of 10.

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