Jack Russell Terrier x Cairn Terrier
2 years old - Long coat - Male

Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids

Otis is a 2 year old 15lbs Terrier mix. He was a rescue from the shelter. He has an easy going, fairly mellow kind of personality. He likes people and seems to gel with just about anyone he meets almost right off the bat. He is confident without being temperamental. He's just one of those all around amazing dogs. Otis came into his foster home, met the high strung Malinois and wasn't even phased at all by her playful antics. He didn't decide to play WWE with her. But he appropriately played for a bit but then came and crashed with foster mom on the couch.

Otis met other dogs at the dog park and walking and he liked everyone. He doesn't bother the shy ones and if there's a problem dog he just meanders over to the opposite side. He doesn't need to challenge the crazy. Otis met the very dog savvy cat in his foster home and he was fine. He couldn't have cared less.

Otis walks well on a leash. He is crate trained. He hasn't had any accidents yet but that's not a guarantee. His foster mom has an open door so he can go out.

Otis is an option for a home with less experience or who needs a first time dog option. If there are kids in the home they need to be over the age of 6.

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