3 years old - Short coat - Male

Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids

Tank is a 3 year old who may only weigh 5lbs but it's all muscle. He's one little tank. This guy has so much personality that it should be illegal to have this much character. He keeps his foster family in stitches. They love him madly and every moment he entertains them. Tank is a snuggler and a cuddler. He is a total lap dog when he isn't walking around "barking" orders to the other dogs in his foster home. They all seem to fall into place and listen to him. He lives with big and small dogs and they're all considerably bigger than him but that doesn't change that he is the one who makes the house keep going!

Tank is an option for living in an apartment or condo setting. He doesn't need excessive exercise. He prefers to be carried anyway...He is not a nuisance barker. He lets the other dogs know when they are in his bed or if they're eating "his" food but other than that he's not a dog who has to constantly bark. Tank is a dog who will comfortably fit in a purse or in a bag if he's desired to travel by plane.

Tank is an option for a dog savvy cat.

Tank is an option for a home that hasn't had dog experience or is limited recently. He is an option for kids over the age of 6.

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