Jack Russell Terrier
6 years old - Short coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids

Sunshine is a 6 year old JRT. She weighs 10lbs. She was a rescue from the shelter. She is everything amazing about JRT's. She is super friendly with a tail that thumps nonstop. She is full of life and spunk without being over the top. She's at the perfect age where she is still athletic without being demanding of excessive exercise daily. But hey, if you're up for a jog or a hike or even a walk around the park, this is your gal. She will be right there next to you. Or if you come home after work, want to enjoy a fine glass of wine and a cuddle with a sweet gal? Well, look no further.

Sunshine gets along with other dogs. She is currently living in a foster home with other dogs. She made friends with dogs in her kennel at the shelter and then when she got to her foster home she jumped right into the fun and was excited to have new friends. Sunshine has not proven to be a nuisance barker as some JRT's can be...She's been surprisingly quiet for a JRT. She is an option for living in an apartment or condo and for going to work with Mom or Dad if they have a dog friendly office.

Sunshine also currently lives with a dog savvy cat.

Sunshine is an option for a home that has had limited dog experience. She will welcome you gladly into the wonderful world of all things dog! If there are kids in the home and it's a home without a dog previously, the children need to be 8. If it's a home that is dog savvy, then children can be 6.

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