Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
1 year old - Short coat - Male

Good with dogs

Nutmeg is a 1 year old Terrier mix who we rescued off the meat trucks of Korea. He weighs about 4 lbs and is a tiny guy! This little one would be ideal for someone looking for a dog who can travel on the plane and go anywhere with them. Nutmeg is a miniature ball of playful energy. He loves to go on walks and is very well behaved on leash. When at home, he's happy playing with any number of toys: tennis balls, plush toys, and his kong. He also plays with socks/gloves, blankets, etc. Take away all his toys and he'll chase his tail and run in circles! He's easily entertained. Once he's all played out and is tired, he loves to cuddle and be petted.

Nutmeg sleeps through the night in his crate. He'll make a bit of a fuss when first put in but settles down quickly and is quiet until morning. He is fostered with another dog who he gets along with, but they mostly keep to themselves. He's an option to coexist with another dog or an option to live by himself. Nutmeg could live in an apartment or condo setting. He's a tiny little one so he doesn't need a lot of exercise.

Nutmeg is only an option for a home that has had a dog in the last 3 years. If there are children in the home, they need to be over the age of 10.

**Not all of our dogs go to each adoption event. We want to make sure if you are interested in a dog that we have the dog at adoptions but that can only happen if you fill out an application ahead of time and are pre-approved. (Generally this must happen prior to the weekend)

**If you are wanting to submit an application within 24 hours of an event, please print off the application and bring with you as well as submitting it. You may still submit it and if time and volunteers permit, we will contact you. Most applications submitted the weekend of adoptions are not responded to until after the adoption weekend.

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