1 1/2 years old - Short coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids

Spice is a 1 1/2 year old Dachshund mix who weighs 15.20lbs. Spice loves other dogs. She takes her lead from another dog. We have watched her blossom with other confident dogs. She is a great option to add as a second dog if there is already an established dog. She won't upset the "apple cart" but rather she'll settle right in and follow after the other dog. If she is the only dog, she'll be on the shy side but she'll attach to her people immediately and love them.

Note from her foster family 10/16:

Are you looking for a new BFF? If yes, then Spice is your girl! For every bit of love you give to Spice, she'll return it 10 fold. Her favorite thing is to be right where you are, whether it's next to you on the couch, at your feet while you work at your desk, or trotting alongside you wherever you go. Spice is a quiet dog; she'll make squeaky noises when she's excited to see you or sweet chuffing noises in her sleep but isn't a barker.

Spice gets along well with our cat and showed no food guarding issues when the kitty shouldered her way past the dog to get to the doggie's food. Spice also gets along well with the tween/teenaged boys in the house, and likes to hang out with our almost 13-year-old son (and sometimes his buddies, too!)

Spice is learning to sit and already knows to lie down when it's time to put on her leash. I wish we could teach Spice about the power of first impressions. The little shy girl you first meet isn't the big love bug you'll see once Spice relaxes and settles into her happy forever home with you.

Spice is a quiet girl. She's not a barker like some Doxies can be. She is an option to live in an apartment or condo setting. She learned how to walk on a leash in her foster home. She is shy initially but then once she knows her people she is very cuddly, snuggly and very sweet. She has a gentle and mellow temperament. She gets along very well with other dogs. She will follow them around but hasn't learned how to play yet. She lives with big and small dogs. She likes everyone. She is crated at night. She also eats in her crate. She will run and hang out in the corner or if her crate is open she'll go in there if it gets crazy in her foster home. There are lots of teens in and out. So sometimes it's a bit too much for her so she'll go hide. When she first runs in from outside she runs to hide and then when everyone sits down on the couch, then she comes and gently sits under her foster mom's legs until she picks her up.

Spice is an option for kids who are over the age of 10 and have lived with dogs.

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