Maltese x Poodle (Toy)
2 years old - Long coat - Male

Good with dogs
Good with cats

Eggo is a 2 year old MaltiPoo who weighs about 10lbs. He was rescued from the what is called the city shelter in Korea. Many dogs are sold to the meat market from here or euthanized. Our friends in Korea always keep tabs on dogs here and try to rescue as many as they can and Eggo was one of them. He has a non-shedding coat that is an option for those who have allergies or simply want a dog who doesn't shed. However, he will require grooming.

In many ways Eggo is like a spoiled toddler. He likes things his way and he needs someone who won't give into him but instead will have rules. He doesn't instantly bond. It takes time. The first few days can be rough and he really should just be ignored and allowed to figure out what's going on---more time spent in containment (either xpen or crate) and taken for long walks to get out his energy. He will need that strong owner who sets boundaries and has limits with him but isn't the type of owner who gives up and throws in the towel. He's most likely never going to be that dog who is friendly with everyone. He grows to love his people but he's not all about strangers. If you're a home that isn't willing to put him away when others come over, then he's not a great option.

Eggo has lived with other dogs. The dog he has done best with is a really laid back dog who doesn't have dominant tendencies and doesn't mind if he acts large and in charge. He doesn't do well with those dogs who challenge him. He may be small but he is mighty. He's an ideal candidate to be someone's one and only dog.

Eggo is not an option for kids. Eggo needs an experienced owner.

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