Beagle x Dachshund
9 months old - Short coat - Male

Mateo is a 9 month old Beagle-Dachshund mix with great energy and positive spirit! He currently weighs in the 15-20 lbs range and will likely gain a bit more weight over the next 6-9 months or so, making him a solid medium-sized dog. Mateo's foster adores him, so we let her write the bio! Read on...

Oh Mateo! Where do I start? He is such a little character. Mateo is what you call a typical puppy. He is such an active little dude! He will be the best hiking, biking, running buddy. He has a lot of energy to burn so his new owners will need to have a plan in place on how they will be exercising him because if he is not exercised properly you will come home to a little redecoration. Mateo LOVES toys! He will play with anything you give him from a ball, soft plush toys to his own leash. Mateo is crate trained and sleeps perfectly through the night in his crate. Once I brought him home from the shelter he walked into the house like he knew where he was. Jumped right onto the couch and made himself at home. Well that is until he saw the kittens in the other room. He will not be an option for someone that has cats as he thinks they are toys (doesn't help that my kittens like to tease him). Mateo is currently going to work with me which is a bonus since I work at a dog facility and he gets to play with several other dogs all day long. He gets along great with both big and small dogs. He even got my cranky little chihuahua to play and cuddle with him. Mateo is working on proper leash manners. He's still learning that even though he pulls on a leash he's not going anywhere faster. Mateo is an option to live in an apartment or condo setting and is not a nuisance barker but don't get me wrong, Mateo does bark and that's when you need to get up and see what's going on. He is still a puppy and when he gets excited (which is all the time!) he likes to use his mouth, so kids under 7 are not an option for this little guy. I love this little guy and wish him the best in the search for his new forever home.

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