Fresh Prince

Maltese x Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
2 years old - Medium coat - Male

Fresh Prince is a 2 year old Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie). He has a non-shedding coat that is an option for those who have allergies or simply want a dog who doesn't shed. He will require regular grooming. He was not well taken care of prior to coming into our rescue. Poor guy. But he landed in a great foster home that helped rehab his coat and his soul! Now, he's in another incredible foster home. He loves to be petted. He is having the time of his life as he has a canine friend to play with, a young boy who loves snuggling with him and he gets to go on walks and be with people! He was a hit at the park with other dogs and kids. He's great on the leash.

Freshy is a character. He's full of life and fun. He learned the dog door almost immediately. He gets along well with lots of different personalities. He loves to go to the dog park. He now knows if he makes his rounds to the people they bring him treats because many of them felt sorry for him and now they just love him. Once he collects his treats well, then he goes off to meet up with his canine friends. His latest foster home reports they have not had any accidents. Wooop! Whooop!

Freshy is not a nuisance barker but he's not an introverted quiet boy. He will bark if there's a reason. Don't think you're going to leave him outside all day. He knows he deserves better and he's coming inside. He likes to hang out in front of the fan on hot days. He also likes to lounge with his mom in her home office. He also is happy to go to work with foster Dad who has a dog friendly office. Once again he has trained all of his human people to bring him treats if they want to be able to pet him.

Freshy could live with children who are age 6. He could be an option for a first time dog owner. He is an option for a home with cats.

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