Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Eskimo Dog
2 years old - Long coat - Female

Glimmer is a 2 year old Eskimo/CKC Spaniel mix who weighs 13.2lbs. She has a big fluffy coat much like a Eskie or Pomeranian. She was rescued from the meat markets in Korea and she came to the US to find a fabulous home. She has lived in a foster home with other dogs. She has lived with big and little dogs. She has also lived with children. She is an option to go to a home with kids over the age of 7. She likes to follow the kids around in her foster home. Glimmer has never had an accident in her foster home.

Glimmer loves to go out and about around town. She's great on a leash and she's wonderful meeting folks. She is as calm outside as she is inside the home. Whereas she may not necessarily be a lap dog she is a velcro type of dog who wants to be around her people and hang out with her people. She isn't a nuisance barker but she will let you know when someone's at the door and well, if you have kids with moving toys, she's going to bark at them! She is an option to live in an apartment or condo setting.

Glimmer has totally blossomed in her foster home. She has become a delightful pup and showing some energetic streaks.

Glimmer is an option to go to a home that hasn't had a dog before or recently. She's a well balanced, loving dog.

Glimmer lives with a cat. It took about a week for her to adjust to the cat. Now she is finally good and ignores him.

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