3 years old - Short coat - Male

Oxford is a 3 year old Standard Dachshund who weighs 19.4lbs. He was a rescue from the meat markets in Korea. He has been living in the US for almost 2 weeks. He lives with cats and dogs. He is an option for kids over the age of 8. He is an option for a home that has had a dog in the last 3 years.

The following is the biography written by his foster mom. Sometimes their words are just so much better than ours!

I think the best way to describe him is he's too smart for me. He's very active (which I guess is typical of a dachshund), and is always looking for something to do. He sleeps in his crate at night with his favorite stuffed monkey and a chew bone. He won't go in on command but he is very food and toy motivated so that helps. He sleeps through the night and will bark in the morning to let us know he's up and wants to get the day started.

He loves going on walks and LOVES to say hi to everyone he meets, neighbors, construction workers, that random guy across the street...He doesn't pull on leash and listens well when walking. We're still working on teaching him English commands because apparently he knows Korean (ie. no, sit, come, let's go) - we thought he just refused to do as he was told. Loves to get in trouble at home by looking through the trash can, chewing random things he isn't supposed to (socks, books, clothes), and jumping on dining tables because he thinks we forgot to feed him. (We didn't)

When we're not out on walks, playing with toys, or chasing him around the house to get whatever he has out of his mouth, Oxford lounges around with us. He loves to cuddle and will try to inch closer and closer to you and before you know it, he's taken over the entire couch or floor.

He isn't really into playing with dogs, but he is curious and gets along fine with calmer dogs who ignore him. His future family is in for a lot of fun and should also be prepared to keep him active and entertained with exercise and puzzles. Even though he still runs into glass windows from time to time, Oxford is very smart and loyal who will need a strong-minded owner prepared for his stubbornness, otherwise, he can easily take over the place.

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