Shiba Inu x Basenji
4 years old - Short coat - Female

Ivy is a 4 year old Shiba-Basenji mix who weighs 16lbs. She came into our rescue as the Mom of Pip and Stellaluna. She has been separated from them for a few weeks and now is ready to find her own new home. She has done well with other dogs in her foster home. She plays with them and lives with them. She tends to do well with women (humans) pretty much right off but is less receptive to men. Now, she's fostered by a man and she loves him. But it took him about 1-2 weeks to win her over. Expect that she may need to learn to love the guys in the home and they will have to be patient. In general if the female hands her to the male human and if he goes very slowly she will be fine.

Ivy is not a nuisance barker. But she has no issue sounding the alarm, "Stranger Danger" if someone new comes over or is at the door or at the gate as is the case for her foster home. But as soon as she sees everything is ok, she goes back to her business.

Ivy is very affectionate and loving when she is confident with her people. She is standoffish and protective if she does not know someone. She is not an ideal dog to have strangers rush up to or if a home has a constant stream of visitors coming and going. She is an ideal dog for a quieter home, that wants a very loyal, affectionate, loving dog who will be with you 24/7 or hang out when you're not home.

Ivy does well with cats. She lives with a dog savvy cat and she is fine with him.

Ivy will require a home that has had a dog in the last 3 years. If there are kids in the home they should be over the age of 10 and have vast dog experience.

**Not all of our dogs go to each adoption event. We want to make sure if you are interested in a dog that we have the dog at adoptions but that can only happen if you fill out an application ahead of time and are pre-approved. (Generally this must happen prior to the weekend)

**If you are wanting to submit an application within 24 hours of an event, please print off the application and bring with you as well as submitting it. You may still submit it and if time and volunteers permit, we will contact you. Most applications submitted the weekend of adoptions are not responded to until after the adoption weekend.

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