Jindo (Korean)
3 years old - Medium coat - Female

Foxy is a 3 year old who weighs 8lbs. Is there such a thing as a Miniature Jindo? If so, she'd be a Mini Jindo. She's from the Korean Meat Markets but she's pint size and already full grown.

Notes from the foster home:

She is curious about everything. She follows me around the house all day to see what I am doing. We call that a velcro dog! She is super dog friendly. She has been around large and small dogs. She's an option to go to doggy day camp or the dog park. She is playful with other dogs and she initiates play on her own. She has some interest in toys.

No food issues, has shared bowls with my other two dogs. She would do very well with another confident, well trained dog. She likes be part of a pack. She is adaptable as she has adapted our routine of walks and play time in 4 short days and will now allow us to leash her easily. She walks confidently on a leash with other dogs. She is a little hesitant on her own but no leash aggression. Foxy is comfortable with her crate at night and while we are not home

Treat motivated - she will be very easy to train. She is not a nuisance barker at all. She has been around my 9 month old son and not been stressed, she is very curious about him and she likes that he might drop food (haha!). I think young kids might be overwhelming so probably 7 years old and above.

A few things to know:

She is not potty trained but I think it will be very easy once she knows she has a consistent schedule. As of today we are accident free for 2 days! She has been getting 3 walks + 2 potty breaks per day here but she is not the type of dog that needs to pee all the time, she goes 1-2 times per day. She could easily learn to use a doggy door. She is not an overactive dog either, she love to crawl up cat-like in a sun beam or doggy bed.

She has tear stains (I think they make her look cute) so we have only given her filtered water and have cleaned her eyes daily. For a soft furry dog I have noticed little to no shedding of her coat.

When she is in the mood for a pet, she just melts with happiness.

She is going to make a GREAT friend for someone who has the time and patience to work with her. She is smart and curious, very low maintenance, even tempered and wants to please. She is such a great dog!

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