LMermaid: Flotsam

Dachshund x Labrador Retriever
10 weeks old - Short coat - Male

Flotsam & Arella are 10 week old Dachshund-Lab mix puppies. Yup. They don't look a bit Lab and frankly we would never have known if we weren't told that. With their current size we still think they will be in the 20-25lbs range when full grown. We don't place siblings together so don't worry if you're just looking to provide an amazing home for one, then we want you!

The puppies are happy-go-lucky and very friendly. They are totally loving and cuddly. They're also into everything the minute you turn your back. Get ready to get all the toys out for them to play with...but you know what they want to play with the most? The water bottle you're drinking out of right now. That plastic when it crinkles makes them go crazy with excitement.

Flotsam is tri color and a bit longer coat and weighs 5.6lbs. He's the ultimate protector. He will sleep in front of his sister to ward off anyone. He's definitely a little man. He's also the sweetest, kindest little guy. He's a total love bug. He'll curl up in your lap for hours and just hang out with you.

Arella: She is black and white and more smooth coat and weighs 7.2lbs. She's a little doll. She has no problem playing the innocent with her brother being her protector but oh my when he's off she's a big toughie! She doesn't need anyone to stand in front of her. She is totally in charge. Poor Flotsam just doesn't know it. She is a total character and is going to make some family laugh to pieces. She is comic relief for her foster home.

We will only consider a home that has had a dog in the last 3 years. If there are kids they need to be over the age of 6.

**Not all of our dogs go to each adoption event. We want to make sure if you are interested in a dog that we have the dog at adoptions but that can only happen if you fill out an application ahead of time and are pre-approved. (Generally this must happen prior to the weekend)

**If you are wanting to submit an application within 24 hours of an event, please print off the application and bring with you as well as submitting it. You may still submit it and if time and volunteers permit, we will contact you. Most applications submitted the weekend of adoptions are not responded to until after the adoption weekend.

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