Michael Phelps

Cockapoo x Maltese
6 years old - Long coat - Male

Michael Phelps is a 6 year old Cockapoo mix who is in the search for gold--A gold medal type of home that is.... He has a non-shedding coat that is an option for those who have allergies and/or simply want a dog who doesn't shed. With his hair now, he's a wash and wear type of guy. No long hours in front of the mirror until his hair grows out. Then the groomer will be his friend.

Michael was left behind in a home when a family moved and a realtor who then who was selling the house found him. It's the only time he's been left in someone's wake, that's for sure...He's a friendly guy. He loves people but he also values his space. He's not one who wants to be smothered all the time. He likes attention and affection but also appreciates just hanging out. Don't worry he won't require you to show your Olympic credentials before he gives you a big ol' kiss.

After being in his foster home, he officially does not like being left outside! Who would blame him! He's ready to make a splash and win you over. Are you the home for him? Michael could easily join a "team" of other canine friends in his new home. Need a fourth to make that relay? Well, look no more. More like the solo route? Well, Michael knows a bit about winning the individual gold too...So whether you have dogs or don't, he's an option.

Because he likes to guard his food he will need a home with kids over the age of 13. He's going to be more of an adults dog. He will also require a home that has had a dog in the last 3 years.

**Not all of our dogs go to each adoption event. We want to make sure if you are interested in a dog that we have the dog at adoptions but that can only happen if you fill out an application ahead of time and are pre-approved. (Generally this must happen prior to the weekend)

**If you are wanting to submit an application within 24 hours of an event, please print off the application and bring with you as well as submitting it. You may still submit it and if time and volunteers permit, we will contact you. Most applications submitted the weekend of adoptions are not responded to until after the adoption weekend.

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